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BPA Membership

Who Can Join?

Membership of the BPA is open to anyone who is interested in Psychodrama, Sociodrama and Action Methods. The BPA welcomes members from all cultures, and you do not have to be resident in the UK to join. If you are not a qualified psychodramatist or sociodramatist, you can join as an Ordinary Member at a reduced fee.

What will I get if I join the BPA?

Membership runs from January each year and normally includes two journals and six (bi monthly) electronic newsletters. These publications contain theoretical articles, research news, news about the membership and the Association, information about workshops and forthcoming events, plus views, reports and correspondence.

By joining the BPA you will become part of a worldwide network of psychodrama professionals who enthusiastically deliver, promote and develop their expertise.

BPA members also pay a reduced rate at the annual conference.

When do members meet?

The BPA has an Annual General Meeting and Conference and there are related conferences and workshops throughout the year. Members also serve on the Executive Committee and sub-committees, promoting the aims of the Association together.

What types of membership are there?

Ordinary Membership: Ordinary membership is open to anyone interested in psychodrama. Benefits include BPA's journal and newsletter and a discount on conference fees. Ordinary membership does not convey status as a psychodrama practitioner.

Trainee Membership: This is for people enrolled on a psychodrama training course which is validated by the BPA.

Practitioner Membership: Practitioner status registers you as a Psychodrama Psychotherapist with the BPA. It is normally awarded by a BPA training school. People trained at a non-UK psychodrama training school may also apply to the Accreditation Committee for Practitioner status with the BPA. Reasons to do so may include: A) You are moving to the UK and wish to practise here as a UK psychodramatist; B) You are practising as a psychodramatist in another country and believe BPA registration would provide greater credibility than registration available there; C) You wish to subsequently apply for Trainer status with the BPA.

Trainer Membership: Application for this status is via the Accreditation Committee.

Membership Fees


Ordinary Membership:

Trainee Membership:
£100 (£50 + £50)

Practitioner Membership:
£115 (£50 + £65)

Trainer Membership:
£140 (£50 + £90)



How Do I Become A Member?

To become a member of the BPA, simply contact the BPA administrator at and ask for an application form.

You can also sign up for Ordinary Membership here and pay online securely using PayPal. Alternatively, you can pay by bank transfer. PayPal transactions are completely secure and we do NOT hold your credit card details on this website. Your personal data will be used solely for BPA purposes and will NEVER be shared with any other organisation except as required by law.

Pay Online    |    .pdfPay by Bank Transfer


Pay by Bank Transfer

If you wish to pay by Bank Transfer please email and we will supply the bank account details you need to enable you to do this.


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The BPA exists to promote the development of Psychodrama, Sociodrama and creative action methods in Psychotherapy, training and education.

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