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London Centre for Psychodrama announces a major new opportunity in the professional development of Psychodrama Psychotherapy within the United Kingdom.

In association with Anglia Ruskin University, the London Centre has established a Masters Programme in Psychodrama. Read more

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Welcome to the British Psychodrama Association's website

The British Psychodrama Association (BPA) is the professional association for psychodramatists and sociodramatists in the UK and Ireland. The BPA is an Organisational Member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP), which upholds professional standards in psychotherapy.

We welcome members from across the world. Membership is open to anyone who is interested in psychodrama, sociodrama and action methods. For more information, please visit our membership page.

Psychodrama & Sociodrama Conference 2014
Empowering Practice:Integrating psychodrama and other therapies...
London from August 28th to September 1st 2014
Pre-conference August 27th - August 28th

2014 International Psychodrama Conference

The theme of this major international conference is a focus on how various schools of therapy and group processes use 'action' as well as words in their clinical practice.

This event is designed not only for psychodramatists and other professionals who use 'action' in their clinical work but those who work in organisations and in non-clinical settings.

Delegates, workshops leaders and speakers will include those practicing family, mentalisation based therapy (MBT), drama and occupational therapy as well as those working in cross-cultural settings and in the field of organisational development. There will be lectures, plenaries and workshops from experts in these different areas which will explore how these theories, therapies and psychological models can enrich psychodrama and vice versa.

Psychodrama belongs to the humanistic group of psychotherapies and the cornerstone its therapeutic process is spontaneity and creativity. To express our creative self and to use our inner truths are crucial parts of healthy individuals. It is an action based therapy utilising the philosophy and practice of creator, J. L. Moreno whose dictum was: 'don’t tell us, show us'.

The conference will honour the group process and at the same time provide an exciting and intellectually rewarding experience, in an inclusive atmosphere embracing differences and similarities. Jessica Kingsley will publish, to coincide with the conference, the new edited book Empowering Practice: Integrating psychodrama and other therapies

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The BPA exists to promote the development of Psychodrama, Sociodrama and creative action methods in Psychotherapy, training and education.

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