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A Welcome Message

Welcome to the BPA's website. As you explore the site, the full extent of the work of the British Psychodrama Association will become evident to you. We hope this website helps you to find an inspiring practitioner or trainer who is just right for you, or points you to a workshop, a course, an article, a book or a link that whets your appetite and helps you to discover more about psychodrama and sociodrama.

This website can be used for a variety of purposes:

  • To learn about psychodrama, sociodrama and action methods.
  • To find a psychodramatist or sociodramatist.
  • To locate psychodrama and sociodrama workshops, courses, therapy groups and events near you.
  • To learn about the ethical and training standards of the profession.
  • To book a place on our highly acclaimed annual conferences.
  • To join the BPA.
  • For registered BPA members, there are specialised resources and services available
    (see the membership page).
Psychodrama - Laughter

What is the BPA?

The British Psychodrama Association (BPA) was established in 1984 and exists to promote and encourage the use of psychodrama and sociodrama throughout the UK and Ireland. The BPA is accredited by the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and is the UK's accrediting organisation for psychodrama and sociodrama training schools.

The BPA is a company limited by guarantee. Company number 2928708.

Who Can Practise Psychodrama?

The BPA is keen to protect the public and the good reputation of psychodrama and sociodrama. For this reason, all bona fide psychodrama practitioners, trainers and trainees are required to be registered with the BPA. All practitioner members of the BPA are required to abide by its Code of Practice and Code of Ethics.

United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy

UKCP Registration

It is a requirement of BPA membership that UK based Psychodrama practitioners who have completed a recognised Psychodrama Psychotherapy training are individually registered as Psychodrama Psychotherapists on the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy register.


Psychodrama training is available in the UK at BPA accredited Training Centres and with BPA registered trainers. Training is also available in Sociodrama and Action Methods.


All Psychodramatists are required to have regular supervision for their work and to continue their professional development.

Equal Opportunities Policy

The BPA endeavours to be increasingly acceptable to and actively supportive of the involvement of under-represented groups in the community in its trainings and activities.


The BPA exists to promote the development of Psychodrama, Sociodrama and creative action methods in Psychotherapy, training and education.

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