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Papers about Psychodrama
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Adobe PDFPsychodrama with Blind Psychiatric Patients  (388 KB)
Altman, K (1981)
Adobe PDFPsychodrama for the Institutionalized Elderly  (472 KB)
Altman, K (1983)
Adobe PDFSelf Disclosure & Psychodrama Sharing  (1.4 MB)
Adobe PDFBrief History of Psychodrama  (14 KB)
Adobe PDFThe Origins and Practice of Psychodrama   (356 KB)
Davies, M (1976)
Adobe PDFWhat is Psychodrama?  (38 KB)
Karp, M (2009)
Adobe PDFThe use of Psychodrama with Psychoneurotic Patients   (294 KB)
Miller, M.M (1955)
Adobe PDFPsychodrama  (2.9 MB)
Moreno, J. L
Adobe PDFPsychodrama & Group Psychotherapy   (913 KB)
Moreno, J.L (1946)
Adobe PDFPsychotherapy and Psychodrama - Article  (2.4 MB)
Moreno, J.L (1963)
Adobe PDFThe Religion of the Godfather   (734 KB)
Moreno, J.L (1972)
Adobe PDFPsychodramatic Techniques & Methods  (679 KB)
Moreno, Z.T
Adobe PDFPsychodramatic Rules, Techniques & Adjunctive Methods   (679 KB)
Moreno, Z.T (1959)
Adobe PDFPsychodrama in Group Psychotherapy   (1.4 MB)
Moreno, Z.T (1978)
Adobe PDFPsychodrama, Role Theory & The Social Atom   (1.3 MB)
Moreno, Z.T (1987)
Adobe PDFTherapeutic Vehicles & Surplus Reality   (350 KB)
Morreno, J.L (1965)
Adobe PDFGlossary of Terms   (694 KB)
Moses, W (1985)
Adobe PDFNew Uses of Psychodrama   (501 KB)
Olsson & Barth (1983)
Adobe PDFWarm up and Sum up  (0 KB)
Sacks, J.M & Weiner, H.B
Adobe PDFPsychodrama with the Elderly  (872 KB)
Schloss, G.A (1988)
Adobe PDFProtagonists and Auxiliaries   (298 KB)
Seabourne, B
Adobe PDFThe Role of the Auxiliary   (389 KB)
Seabourne, B
Adobe PDFThe Double Situation in Psychodrama   (623 KB)
Toeman, Moreno, Z.
Adobe PDFPsychodrama a Deux (Individual Psychodrama)   (110 KB)
Vander May, J (1980)
Adobe PDFAuxiliary Ego Tips  (2.7 MB)
Warner, G.D
Adobe PDFPsychodrama Training Tips  (4.5 MB)
Warner, G.D
Adobe PDFPsychodrama Training Tips 2  (2.5 MB)
Warner, G.D
Adobe PDFPsychodrama - Death and Dying   (317 KB)
Weiner, H (1975)
Adobe PDFReturn From Splendid Isolation  (1.9 MB)
Weiner, H.B
Adobe PDFPsychodrama Lives   (574 KB)
Yablonsky, J (1975)

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The BPA exists to promote the development of Psychodrama, Sociodrama and creative action methods in Psychotherapy, training and education.

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