Using action methods within supervision can offer different perspectives on our work. When we work in action we use different parts of our mind to when we ‘talk about’. In creative supervision, sometimes people may:

  • Show a moment from a session and ‘press pause’ in order to re-explore it. 
  • Try out different possibilities – both realistic or not.        
  • Watch themselves from an observer’s point of view. See what they notice, perhaps give themselves advice or support.        
  • See how it feels to be their client. Notice what feels different about taking the role rather than talking about it.        
  • Hear how they sound from the client’s role.       
  • Try saying things that may not be being said in the therapy – either by the client.   

Sarah Juliet Morley

I am a psychotherapist and supervisor working in private practice. I run a monthly online supervision group and a psychodrama group alongside my practice with individuals. Until recently I was working for Sheffield Rape Crisis Centre where I set up and ran their group work offer for seven years. I am passionate about creating spaces for people to explore themselves (and /or their work) without fear of judgement or  external agenda. I am so proud to have a psychodrama training alongside a person centred philosophy as I think it can cut to the heart of matters in a way that is without parallel. 

Kat SaLIsbury

I am a UKCP Psychodrama Psychotherapist. My qualifications also include; MA Dramatherapy, Psychodramatic Bodywork Graduate Certificate and UKCP and BPA approved Creative Clinical Supervision Certificate. My daily work involves offering therapeutic work to young people and adults who have experienced trauma in their lives. In addition to this I have my own private practice, where I offer one to one and group psychotherapy as well as creative supervision to adults in South Yorkshire and North East Derbyshire. My passion and drive is to encourage the people I work with to find their voice and to overcome oppression in their lives.


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