You are invited to join me for the kick-off session of ‘The Imaginatrix,’ an insurgent psychodrama writers’ network, which aims to provide insights and support, as well as media tips and tools, for those who wish to raise their profile, market their practise or write longer form academic articles or books.    

The session will outline for the Imaginatrix concept (which draws on my campaigning work with Greenpeace, WWF and Oxfam) as well as some practical tools, techniques, and tips for writing both short-form articles (for social media, blogs and magazines) and long-form pieces (for academic articles, book chapters etc) as well as advice for pitching to the local, specialist and national media.

There will, of course, also be an on-your-feet writing-in-action component which will demonstrate how to generate compelling content  

Following our in-person session at the conference, the Imaginatrix will take place online as a quarterly Zoom meeting beginning Autumn 2022 (see Tele and the BPA website for launch details).


Stephen Fitzpatrick is a senior trainee at the London Centre for Psychodrama and a member of Tele’s Editorial Team. 

He is currently Head of Communications, Culture and Wellbeing at Urgentem, a climate risk firm headquartered in London. He helped create an global internet-based news and campaigns platform for Greenpeace and was formerly Director of Interactive Strategy at Saatchi and Saatchi in London, Head of Social Media at Golley Slater PR and co-founder and Executive Editor of ‘MindfulMoney,’ an award winning digital newspaper and social network in the social finance space. 

He has contributed chapters to a number of books on psychology and spirituality and was co-author of ‘The Mindful Media Manifesto’ (with Chief Dramaturg of Ballet Frankfurt Steve Valk) described by Professor Daniel White as ‘a vision for a renewed communicative order building on concepts that might serve as a contemporary description of the Buddhist path.’


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