Certificate in sociodrama and action methods

Training School: Birmingham Institute for Psychodrama

Date(s): October 2021 to July 2022

Times: One Saturday per month.

Location of workshops: Moseley, Birmingham

Office address:

45 Whetstone Close, Birmingham B15 2QN


Certificate in Sociodrama and Creative Action Methods 

Trainers: Diane Adderley and Valerie Monti Holland 

The Birmingham Institute for Psychodrama (BIP) is pleased to announce a certificate course in the theory and practice of creative action methods and sociodrama. The course is most suitable for those at postgraduate level or with relevant prior experience and/or training. This is a professional course for trainers, consultants, facilitators, group workers, teachers, and a variety of community workers. Participants will learn effective facilitation skills and will gain a good understanding of the appropriate use of sociodramatic and action-based techniques within different settings relevant to their own work. The course will include theoretical and practical discussion, demonstrations of techniques, written work, experiential learning and many opportunities to practise the skills. 

During the course, participants will gain: 

  • A practical understanding of how to enhance facilitation with creative and experiential learning. 
  • An understanding of the principle techniques and theory of sociodramatic and creative action methods. 
  • A working knowledge of other action methods, including a range of experiential learning techniques. 
  • Knowledge and understanding of group process. 
  • An enjoyable, fun and challenging group experience.

Full details of the certificate course can be downloaded from our website, www.birminghampsychodrama.co.uk


Clark Baim, Director, Birmingham Institute for Psychodrama