How do I get a profile on this website?

Profiles are available to all practitioner members of the BPA.

If you are a practitioner member and would like to use this facility please e-mail administrator@psychodrama.org.uk

How do I add an event to your calendar?

This service is available to members only. If you are a member please e-mail the full details of your event including its title, venue, timings, programme etc to events@psychodrama.org.uk

How do I get an article published in TELE or in the BPA journal?

Again, only members may submit articles.

For TELE please e-mail tele@psychodrama.org.uk

For the BPA journal please e-mail journal@psychodrama.org.uk

I qualified overseas, can I practice in the UK?

This answer is not as simple as ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as it will depend on where and when you trained.

You should write with full details of your training/accreditation to accreditation@psychodrama.org.uk

How do I make a complaint?

The BPA is committed to maintaining good professional and clinical standards in the delivery of psychodrama and aims to be supportive in responding to concerns by individuals wanting to make formal complaints against its members.

If you have an initial query regarding the possibility of bringing a formal complaint, then please e-mail pcc@psychodrama.org.uk

You can also view our Code of Ethics page where you will be able to find our Complaints Procedure.