LCP Psychodrama Experiential Weekend with Anna Chesner

Event NameLCP Psychodrama Experiential Weekend with Anna Chesner
Dates8-10 September 2023 & 10-12 November 2023
LocationLondon Centre for Psychodrama, 440a Hornsey Road London

These run four times a year and are open to those people seeking an experience of psychodrama and wishing to engage in some personal work.

Anna’s approach draws on psychodynamic, existentialist and systemic traditions as well as her experiences as a psychotherapist, dramatherapist and playback theatre practitioner. The weekends are designed to give an opportunity for personal exploration and development in a safe environment, as well as an understanding and experience of the method.

Psychodrama is a deep psychological method of psychotherapy using role, symbolisation and enactment.

Please discuss with Anna if you are not currently in personal therapy.