Low-cost Psychodrama Psychotherapy Group

Training SchoolLondon Centre for Psychodrama
Times12pm – 2:30pm (UK time)
DescriptionI believe that living to our full potential, personally, romantically, socially, and professionally, is the goal of our existence. In my psychotherapy practice, I aim to make sense with you of what is holding you back so that more flow can emerge into your lives. A life worth living is a life of expansion, self-knowledge, and truth.
At this point in your life, you might be feeling depressed or anxious about the future, or life might seem meaningless to you. You might be noticing that there are parts of yourself blocking you from moving towards becoming yourself fully, or parts of yourself sabotaging your relationships, or your career. Maybe relationships feel difficult and exhausting and you would love to find more flow and ease in relating to others. You might want to understand why life feels so painful and heavy for you sometimes, and maybe you wish to experience your life in a more enjoyable way. Maybe you find yourself hurting yourself or others – physically or mentally – and you might want to find new patterns to relate to yourself and others.
Joining this group can help you. Please get in touch.
Through this group, I am offering a space where you will have the opportunity to make sense of where you are at in your life, understand your difficulties, and find new and more fulfilling ways of living. By understanding what is causing you pain, you will have the opportunity to let more life into yourself and access a more pleasureful experience of life. I am working with an embodied method of psychotherapy, called Psychodrama Psychotherapy. We will be using our body as well as our mind to understand and express how we feel. We role-play scenes from our lives in order to understand what triggers our behavioural and emotional responses, and change patterns that are not helpful. I am a Senior Trainee Psychodrama Psychotherapist (UKCP and BPA-registered). The group runs online weekly on Thursdays 12PM-2.30PM
Initial individual sessions fee: £40 for 50min session Weekly group session fee: £20 for 2.5 hour session For more information or to arrange an initial individual session, please email me at
ContactAlexia Lonnoy