Low-cost Psychodrama Psychotherapy Group

Event NameLow-cost Psychodrama Psychotherapy Group
Training SchoolAlexia Lonnoy
TimesMondays 12pm – 2pm
LocationCamden / Kentish Town area or online
AddressCamden/Kentish Town or Online
Description This is an opportunity to join a low-fee psychodrama psychotherapy group. I am a Senior Trainee in Psychodrama Psychotherapy (UKCP-registered). The group will run for 20 sessions, in Camden/Kentish Town area.This is an opportunity if you feel you are suffering from symptoms of depression, anxiety, or if you feel that life has lost meaning; if you have some painful thoughts or feelings difficult to manage on your own, if you find yourself acting in ways that are sabotaging your own goals, hurting yourself or those around you, or if you find yourself struggling with an addictive substance or behaviour; if you find relationships too difficult to manage, or if you struggle to build satisfying bonds with others;I am offering a safe, nurturing, and confidential space where you will have the opportunity to understand your difficulties and learn how to find new and more satisfying ways of living. The work can help you find new ways of relating to yourself and to others, and accessing a more fulfilling life.Psychodrama is a group psychotherapy where we use our body as well as our mind to understand and express how we feel. We role-play scenes from our lives in order to understand what triggers our behavioural and emotional responses, and change patterns that are not helpful. It is a powerful method that offers us to encounter another person authentically.Cost: £5 per session
For more information or to arrange an assessment, please email alexia.lonnoy@gmail.com
ContactAlexia Lonnoy