Building an Anti-Racist World

Valerie Monti Holland & Sheila Dallas Katzman

Wednesday 08/09/2021

6:30-9:30pm (3hrs)

Valerie Monti Holland & Sheila Dallas Katzman:

This workshop provides a space of experimentation where, as a group, we explore real-life scenarios and our ingrained responses to them. We raise awareness by examining our behaviour regarding racism in a blame-free, creative environment.

     Augusto Boal, founder of the Theatre of the Oppressed called it “rehearsing for life.”  We call it “rehearsing for anti-racism.” We provide a place where it is entirely okay to be “not quite there yet.” Let us explore together so we can improve together. 

Specifics of the full Anti-Racism course include:

  • How micro expressions send messages
  • How to define and rehearse accountability
  • How to integrate anti-racist practices in our lives
  • How to make reparations authentically 
  • How to manage multiple real-life scenarios and respond with lovingkindness

With only three hours for this workshop, we will focus on micro-aggressions, their impact and what actions might be taken to address them. This is a taster that we hope will give you a flavour of the scope of the full course.

     This workshop is suitable for people at all levels of experience. We only ask that participants come with no/low expectations. We ask you to be open and to come prepared to share your vulnerability. Please know that we are professionals in what we do and that the work will be done by you as we facilitate with lovingkindness. We have tried and tested this becoming anti-racist work and the becoming anti-racist hunger has been overwhelming.

Valerie Monti Holland is a facilitator, trainer, and coach with over 25 years’ experience working through sticky issues and wicked problems with people in the UK, US, Europe, and Asia thanks to an M.A. in Applied Theatre (Manchester) and a Diploma in Sociodrama and Action Methods. She IS a founding member of iSCAN (the international Sociodrama and Creative Action Network). This workshop represents a point on her own journey to becoming an anti-racist, the work of a lifetime.

Sheila Dallas Katzman, M.A. is a theatre practitioner with over 30 years’ experience working in very highly charged conflict situations globally. She intersects with race and racism with astounding results. Sheila is a founding member of TLTT (Ten-Lanterns transformative Theatre) and iSCAN. She holds a M.A in Applied Theatre (Manchester), Teaching Certificate in Theatre Arts (Edna Manley School of Visual and Performing Arts), and over 300 credit hours towards psychodrama certification. Racism has been a critical element in her life. Working from social reform and legislative change, she now believes in focusing on individual responsibility. For over 20 years she has used theatre as a conduit for her activism. Now, using Theatre for Social Change, she has developed tools to help people understand their role in not only supporting racism but promoting racism. This is the shift from anti-racism to anti-racist.

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Valerie Monti Holland & Sheila Dallas Katzman

Wednesday 08/09/2021

6:30-9:30pm (3hrs)


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