The BPA exists to promote the development of Psychodrama, Sociodrama and creative Action Methods in Psychotherapy, training and education. These are powerful tools that facilitate human spontaneity, creativity and learning. Any tool needs to be used with appropriate care. The BPA is happy to advise course leaders (of other trainings) of suitably qualified Psychodramatists and Sociodramatists who can offer such training. It is the ethical responsibility of course leaders to ensure that any experiential input provided by their training organisation is taught by suitably accredited and supervised practitioners and trainers.

If as a member of the public you are planning to attend a training course in which Psychodrama or Sociodrama is to be offered you may contact the BPA to check whether the trainer is appropriately qualified. The BPA is happy to provide a list of qualified Psychodramatists and Sociodramatists.

Trainees on BPA accredited trainings will run therapy groups and offer individual therapy during the latter part of their training. As such they are ethically bound to declare their status as a trainee, be in supervision and have the support of their trainers for commencing such clinical practice. People who wish to enter therapy with such a trainee may ask for confirmation of their status.